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The results

One construction result

March, 2013 Kurume TV station electric wave disorder removal.
February, 2013 Kokura Station sunlight setting construction complete set.
September, 2012 Fukuoka Prefectural Ogura High School normal classroom, special classroom ridge reconstruction precedence electric equipment and others construction.
August, 2012 It is constructed Kokura Station community connecting walkway lighting LED.
May, 2012 The plumbing for new person with a disability sports center optical cable and telephone enlargement construction.
April, 2012 New person with a disability sports center AV facilities construction and low current facilities construction.
January, 2012 Battery charger setting construction for electric car.
December, 2011 Fukuoka Tachinuma Elementary School seismic strengthening electricity construction.

Main possession qualification

・First-class electric construction person
・Second kind electricity construction person
・Firefighting equipment person
・Primary community antenna television broadcast engineer
・Optical cable construction
・The second grade electricity construction construction management technology
・Identification of scholar of control engineer qualification
・DD first class…One person, DD third class
・The low-pressure electric handling

A lot of others…

Approach to environmental business

Balance which the earth maintained for long time collapses by warming. It is essential to lead a certain limit resource from "consumption" to "circulation" to succeed only one earth in the next generation.

Design of PV system and wind-generated electricity system that we are use facilities of renewable energy with environmental improvement in own operation for environmental load reduction•Construction•We contribute to approach, construction to maintenance control and smart city promotion.