• We deal with one set of electric equipment construction mainly on photovoltaic power generation facilities construction.
    Achievement of photovoltaic power generation is essential while there is concern about power saving such as energy saving. In addition, at first we promote the spread of photovoltaic power generation that will spread all over the world in Japan, and we will be serious in living of people becoming rich.

  • In Japan which aging goes ahead through, we deal with low current facilities construction complete set mainly on setting of broadcasting equipment and security camera necessary for school promoting hospital improved with nursing home and the medical development, development of education of child.
    It promotes development of facility which we cannot miss in life, and we will be serious in living of people becoming even slightly comfortable.

  • As well as photovoltaic power generation, we deal with smart meters such as BEMS or HEMS promoting energy saving in store or factory, construction one set to the smart grid spread including electric car charge facilities construction for eco-friendly electric car.
    Environment around people changes, and we will be serious by living that is kind to the earth with convenience.

Our vision, management philosophy, mission

Vision : We aim at global company which can fight in the world

Management philosophy : We have scale as engineering firm where we can contribute to in global market

Mission : We do not stay in Japan,
Is it rich by living of people of 7 billion world?

We enlarge earth niyasashiio

We create added value in life